10 Ways to Save Money While Shopping

If you’re a thrifty person, you’re probably perpetually looking for ways to save money. Groceries add up quickly, but here are some of the ways I save in no particular order.

1. Fetch Rewards

I have been using the Fetch app for a few months and have earned over $100 in gift cards. You can peruse coupons and special offers to see if there are any reward points available for a particular brand/item, go shopping, then take a picture of your receipt. You can also connect your email so that you can scan electronic receipts (very helpful for those Amazon purchases).

Huggies, for example, pretty much always offers rewards. Sometimes certain TYPES of Huggies earn you more points than others though; i.e. Little Snugglers would be 5,000 points that day but Pull-Ups would be 3,000 points. Every 1,000 points is equal to $1. They also run deals like “get 4,000 points for each referral using code XXXX.” Most of the time, it’s 2,000 points per referral. If you do decide to give it a try, use my code YWFJH. You will also get points using that code (typically 2,000 points).

I trade my rewards for Amazon gift cards, but you can also use the points you earn for gift cards from Target and other retail stores, restaurants like Chipotle, or just general Visa cash cards. You would earn even more points if you usually buy name brands.

I shop as I normally would and then snap my receipts and get at least 25 points per receipt. But if I’m on my A game, I can search things like “bagels” and the Fetch app will tell me which brand of bagels is currently eligible for points. Sometimes I buy a certain brand if it’s cost effective after considering potential rewards. But the majority of the time, I don’t even bother looking up what is on sale. I just go to the store, snap my receipt, and call it a day.

It’s a very user-friendly app and I have never had to delete it. Sometimes I do have to close it out and reopen the app, but all in all I would recommend it. I plan on also trying out the Ibotta app, but I have read that it freezes up quite a bit. We’ll see!

2. PayPal Honey

You know when there’s a sale on Shutterfly but you can’t find the code? Or you want free shipping? PayPal’s Honey browser extension searches for those codes and applies the coupon(s) when you check out. It has definitely saved me money when ordering Christmas cards or items from Etsy.

Check out their page to see if it’s something that would interest you. Sometimes it applies two different coupons that I didn’t realize could be used at the same time. I never really look at the rewards I get there, but I’m sure that amounts to something. I’ll have to check it out.

3. Aldi

I think I have a love and hate relationship with Aldi, but it does save us money. Sometimes it’s a hit or miss with produce, but everything else has been great. It’s cheaper the majority of the time, there are less options so it is a quick store run, and they have AldiSaver tags throughout the store. Their app is good, not great. You can see the weekly ads and which items are on sale very easily.

The more often you go, the better deals you will find on the non-grocery related items. Sometimes they have big items on sale to clear out inventory. I got a nice laundry hamper for 75% off one time, for example. They also have good snacks for kids and their options typically have better ingredients than the cheapest brand at Walmart.

It’s great for canned goods, cheeses, easy freezer meals, and kids snacks. Not the store to go to if you want to stock up on anything more than canned goods.

4. Groupon

I joined Sam’s Club for free one year because there was a Groupon for a $45 gift card upon membership purchase (membership at the time was $45). It will most likely sign you up to auto-renew the next year, so make sure to uncheck that box after signing up.

Sam’s Club (a subsidiary of Walmart) is great for bulk items, kids snacks, and produce, but I have noticed that some things are more expensive than or the same price as Walmart. Also their gas is always cheaper than or the same price as the cheapest gas station in town, so that’s a perk. We don’t have a Costco near us, so it’s a great alternative.

We have also used Groupon for visits to the zoo, waterpark, etc. Always good to check if there’s a deal wherever you’re going.

5. Kroger App & Bulk Bins

Your Kroger plus account is attached to your phone number and it’s definitely worth it. When writing your grocery list, you can clip coupons that will be applied at checkout. They have great sales frequently, especially on meat. My husband has gotten five spiral hams for the price of ONE spiral ham. Our freezer is still stocked with ham!

Our location also has a fruit stand for kids (they can pick one piece of fruit for free) and great bulk bin options. Ask the staff if you don’t know where it is in your store. Every bag costs $1. A steal!

Kroger fuel points are also great. Now, I wouldn’t necessarily drive out of my way to find a Kroger gas station, but there are gas stations at both my local Krogers so it’s super convenient to fill up after leaving the store and get $0.30 off per gallon. Every little bit makes a difference. But again, I do think they jack up the price sometimes because they know customers will have a certain amount off. But it is a deal sometimes.

I have never tried their Boost membership, so I’d be curious if anyone has thoughts on that.

6. Amazon Subscribe & Save

I’m SURE you’ve heard of Amazon’s subscribe & save option. You can save at least 5% on individual items and 15% if you have five items on an order to the same address.

While I do love the convenience of Amazon, sometimes you really have to compare prices because the same product tends to be cheaper in-store. But all in all, when you do need a staple from Amazon, subscribe & save is a great option.

I have been curious about the Amazon credit card, but we certainly don’t need another credit card.

7. Thrift Stores

It’s worth the effort to find a reliable thrift store, especially for kids’ clothing. If you’ve ever planned a wedding, you know that they jack up the price just because it’s a wedding. It’s similar for kid’s clothes and toys. A lot of baby clothes I’ve thrifted still have the original tag on them.

Once Upon a Child frequently has sales on top of the already marked-down items and you can earn points by creating an account tied to your phone number. Everything is organized by size and, if you purchase a tote, they have 20% off on the last Tuesdays of the month (in my area at least). I’ve seen baby carriers and bassinets significantly cheaper there. Sometimes I do see a Walmart dress for the same price I’d get it at Walmart, but overall it’s a good place to check out if you have one near you.

I have also sold clothes there and traded in. They don’t pay for books FYI. OUAC is also connected to Plato’s Closet, which I haven’t been to in years. They just opened once up down the street from us so I’m excited to check it out.

8. Facebook Marketplace

I just use Facebook Marketplace and I’ve had a lot of success with my listings, even in the middle-of-nowhere Kentucky! So if you live in a more populated place, you would probably have even more luck. Some of my family lives outside the DC area and that is a great market. Be careful though and make sure you meet in a public place.

9. Target Circle

Even though I don’t go to Target often, I still recommend their rewards program. The app is great and their pick-up/drive-up options are very efficient, especially if you have kids. You earn cash back with every purchase and it’s easy to clip offers before going to the store.

I probably haven’t used the app to it’s full potential, but it’s worthwhile for the occasional visit.

10. Clip Coupons

Usually coupon books are sent to your address and maybe they go straight in the trash. But this somewhat old-school way of saving a few bucks has its benefits. I often use coupon books to determine when to stock up on certain essentials like razors, deodorant, etc.

I’ve been meaning to try Rakuten, which is basically an app with coupons for a bunch of things.

In Conclusion

Try something out! One thing that also works it adding an item to your cart and leaving it there for a week. If you haven’t thought about it again, maybe you don’t need it. See what works for you. What works for me may not work for your family. Let us know how you stay in budget or in what ways you save.

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